"See How Easily
You Can Tie Fishing Knots
That Won't Slip!"

I've been teaching people for over 35 years and know how to make knots that don't slip or break. I'll give you step-by-step instructions that you will actually be able to follow, allowing you to master and remember how to tie all the fishing knots you'll ever need to know. You'll get it and do it right the first time...I guarantee it!

From the boat of: Pete Nalleweg

Victoria, BC, Canada


Dear Fisherman,

As a teacher of outdoor rec and fishing for over 35 years, I've never found anything more important than teaching people how to do fishing knots correctly. Why? Because I've found the people who know have come into class with a big smile on their face and those who didn't get it are among the most down-in-the-mouth people I know.

That's because without the fundamental skill of tying knots, you'll never get to experience the pure joy of landing a trophy fish and become the envy of all your friends. Instead you'll come to hate fishing because it only brings back painful memories of the ones that got away and all the money you wasted replacing lost gear.

Don't be a victim of the dreaded depressed angler syndrome! Read on...

The reason I'm writing to you today is because I saw one of my old students, Calvin, who I really hadn't seen in years, the other day at the bait shop and he said, "Pete, I loved what you taught me, and you know as it happens with age, my memory's been going. So I went on the Internet and I tried to find something about how to do those knots. I couldn't find anything. I can't believe it.

When you taught it to me it was so simple and you even gave us handouts in the class where you showed us all the steps to the knots. Why don't you put something like that up on the Internet? I can't find anything online. I'd even be willing to invest in your product."

And that was a real revelation because Calvin's about the cheapest guy I've ever met.

Those Other Fishing Knot Sites
Just Don't Cut It

So I decided to look into what was out there and I was shocked at the sorry state of fishing knot information on the Internet today. The way that people are "trying" to teach tying fishing knots online just doesn't cut it. You practically have to be an International Spy to get it figured out because you have to decode those complex illustrations they give you.

Others have these animated knots that go way too fast and no one ever takes the time to explain them. You have to almost be a Mind Reader to guess which way to pull the knot tight and you still don't know for sure how secure it's going to be or if you're using it for the right type of fishing.

When you're like a lot of my friends who are older, your eyes may not be as good as they used to be. That's okay because it happens to us all, however the people who put this information together for you obviously didn't seem to realize that.

However I did and I've decided to do something about it.

I've taken all my experience and know-how and put together a simple, step-by-step system that you can start using right now to discover which knot to use at what time and how to tie it securely so it will not come undone.

And get this — you don't need to invest in any fancy knot tying tools or any special gear. We'll work with what you've already got! You also don't need to take a single step out of your house either, or even leave your chair.


It is literally the easiest, most memorable way of tying knots that I know of.

One of my in-class students flat out challenged me, "I don't think you can actually teach people how to tie a knot on the Internet, because I've looked at all these other sites trying to do just that and they're not doing a good job at all."

Well once I showed him this he changed his mind in a hurry. Click below and take a look and see for yourself...


And remember, that's only one of 28 knots that I cover. And not only that, I'll reveal to you which ones to use at what time and which ones to avoid using.

I'll even disclose the alterations to make to the knots for different situations because when you don't optmize your knot for your fishing gear, something that might work really well with a different type of line or a different line weight, could still slip.

So a tip I want you to remember is always use the right knot for the right situation.

Listen, I understand what it's like to see your catch swim away with your gear. A friend of mine (who shall remain nameless to protect him from deep embarrassment) one time was using an especially light tippet and didn't make the proper amount of wraps in the line when tying his knot. He hooked into a nice rainbow, only to have it snap his knot and swim away with his fly, leaving the tell-tale sign of a poorly-tied knot...the curl on the end of his line.

The next time we went fishing, after some comments and razzing from the rest of us, he was more careful when tying his knot and did it properly this time, using the steps I had shown him. He cast his fly line out and a fish hit it. After a mighty battle, he arose as the victor...

To everyone's surprise, it was the same fish that had snapped his knot the last time out! How did we know? Because there, nicely lodged into the side of its mouth, was his signature fly. He still hasn't lived it down to this day.

The Best Kept Secret of Fishing Knots

What is it you might ask? 


Knowing which knot to use at what time to be most effective and retain the highest strength-to-weight ratio in your line.


It's the golden ticket and yet most fishermen either don't know how to tie more than one knot or they're not optimizing each connection.

This online course includes the top knots that every fisherman must have in their repertoire to be successful on the stream. With these knots in your memory's virtual tackle box, those stories of 'the one that got away' will be history.

The best part is that it's all been put into an easy to follow, step-by-step system so that every fisherman, young or old, can tie the knots with ease.

Just ask my young friend William how easily he mastered tying knots using my online video course.


William Stratton
10 yrs old

My name is William.
I'm ten years old. I like tying new knots because it is fun.

I like the Double
Uni Knot because it
is easy. The Clinch
Knot is not too easy but it is still fun.
This website is awesome because you can learn from it fast. It is very easy to get around in the website. I would really use this website if you are looking to tie fishing knots.

In just a moment I'm going to show you how this system can instantly improve your catch rate and boost your fishing skills into the ranks of the pros. You will have the knowledge and the tools to go out and set that hook with confidence, knowing your knots will hold firm.

First let me share with you some of the advantages of using this system and developing these skills. It is the only way to fish...


Never have to ask for help again when setting up your gear - Save yourself the embarrassment of not knowing your knots and needing to ask others for help!

Forget about having to decipher complex illustrations - Instead of being left to figure out how it's tied on your own, I walk you through each knot step-by-step

Know which knot to use for each application - Take the guess work out of fishing and optimize all your connections

Tie knots even when your vision is failing - We have knots that you can tie in low-light conditions, in heavy weather, or even when your eyes aren't as good as they used to be

Scare less fish away - Tie smaller knots with more holding power to keep disturbed water areas to a minimum

Save your spool and your pocketbook - Attach additional line to your spool with knots that join two lines together, rather than having to replace it

You don't need to wait to get started - You can immediately begin watching the lessons online and downloading the printed versions so you can begin using your new knots today!


Now imagine yourself, starting as early as today even...setting up your gear, attaching a perfectly smooth leader, free of kinks or knicks...then tying on a brand new shiny lure...


Hearing the whirr of your reel as you cast the line out as far as you can...the light ploop sound as your lure hits the water and delicate ripples gracefully radiate from the center and dance out across the water...then the stillness. You hold your breath...every cell in your body poised and waiting for the moment that a fish strikes...

WHAM! You spring into action and yank back on the rod fiercy, setting the hook firmly into your prey...a mighty struggle ensues. Who will be the first to tire? It's a race against time and a battle of endurance...And finally your perserverance pays off and you net your prize...congratulations and celebration fill the air...

It's what fishing dreams are made of.


With the skill of tying fishing knots under your belt the possibilities are limited only by your quotas for the day and your secret fishing spot's ability to produce the trophy fish.

"A good fishing knot is an essential link between you and the fish. Your easy to follow, informative videos are great for the novice and experienced anglers alike."

Bob Izumi, Host of "The Real Fishing Show"


Once You've Finished This Online Course
You'll Agree That Tying Fishing Knots is Easy


Rather than guess and risk tying the knot incorrectly or be in a horribly embarrassing position of having to ask someone else to tie your knots, after completing the Fishing Knots With Pete online course you'll find that you're the one who is the master at tying knots in the group and you can decide to help others when you want to or not, and it'll be easy for you.


The basics are straightforward and you can start utilizing them immediately - even when you plan on going out fishing today.


For example...


Let's say John has a grandson coming to town for a visit. He loves spending time with him and would like to take him fishing so they can spend an enoyable day together. That's a great idea, right?


Now after after pulling out his tackle box and gear from the top shelf in the garage, John realizes that it's been some time since he's been fishing and he can't quite remember the knots that he used to use.


He's fished before, except his memory is failing him when he needs it most.


You can see where this is going, can't you?


John goes online and logs into Fishing Knots With Pete and quickly finds the knots that will work best for the trip he's got planned and bones up on them. In less than 10 minutes, he's got it dialed.


Because John used the quick references that helped him choose the right knot for his application and followed the step-by-step instructions on his screen, he was able to be fully prepared for his trip.


Of course, John then gets to impart his new found knowledge to his eager grandson. And guess what...


Even though you may not know a single knot today, you will be viewed as
the Expert tomorrow when you demonstrate your new skills on the stream


Incredible!  The bottom line is this — to tie secure knots that are right for each fishing situation like a pro, you don't have to have years of experience under your belt.


At the same  time, when you are an experienced fisherman, and want to broaden your arsenal and increase your landing percentages, you can bring your fishing up to the next level!


You see, once you've implemented the right knots at each appropriate fishing connection, your fish-finding ability and the daily quota are truly your only limitations. The amount of fish you'll be bringing into your boat will be more than you ever imagined.


And with that in mind let's pull back the curtain on...


Fishing Knots With Pete:

Never Lose Another Fish
Because Your Knot Slipped

Fishing Knots With Pete is the only online course designed to be "user-friendly."  It includes a step-by-step system that ensures that everyone, from kids right through to those of us in our golden years can master and easily remember these knots.

Your success is inevitable when you use this online course, no matter where you are in your level of fishing experience.

Think of it this way...

When you're a new to fishing and you want to start landing all the fish you hook right away, you need a system to fast track your knot tying from small fry to pro. Fishing Knots With Pete gives you that system. 

When you have experience tying fishing knots and want to take your skills to the next level by optimizing your connections for each application, you'll need a road map to guide you. Fishing Knots With Pete gives you that map.

And when you're a fishing pro, it goes without saying that investing in quality information and teaching tools is imperative when you want to stay on top and teach others to follow in your footsteps. Fishing Knots With Pete provides a refreshing perspective and a cutting edge toolkit for helping you meet your goals.


A Knot For All Occassions

One of my favorite knots is the Uni Knot because it works extremely well in low light conditions and is easily tied by fishermen whose eyesight isn't what it used to be.

However I sometimes hate the Uni Knot because I've seen so many long-faced fishermen who tried to use it with braided line without making the proper adjustments. That knot will slip like it had been greased up with pig fat beforehand when you don't know what you're doing.

For that, I prefer the Super Braid Knot. It was specifically designed for braided line applications. In fact you know when my friend came back with a 200 lb. halibut he said, "Thank God for the Super Braid Knot, Pete. If you hadn't told me about that I'm afraid the line would have slipped."

Albright Knot - Ties lines of dissimilar diameters together, joins super braid line to a nylon leader, or joins a leader to a fly line

Improved Blood Knot - Joins two lines of dissimilar diameter together

Arbor Knot - Ties the line onto your reel

Improved Clinch Knot - Ties the line to the hook

Berkley Braid Knot - Ties super braid line onto a hook

Improved Surgeon's Knot - Joins two lines together. Works for both similar and dissimilar sized lines
Bimini Twist - Acts as a shock tippet when you're going after big fish, like halibut or tuna
Loop Knot - Puts a loop on the end of your line
Blood Knot - Joins two lines of a similar diameter
Nail Knot - Joins your leader to your fly line
Bobber Stop Knot - Set a specific distance between your hook and your bobber
Needle Knot - Connects your leader to your fly line
Clinch Knot - Ties your line to the hook
Palomar Knot - Ties the line onto a hook or a swivel
Double Loop Clinch Knot - Joins your line to the hook
Slim Beauty - Joins two lines of dissimilar diameters together
Double Uni Knot - Joins two lines of similar diameter together
Speed Snell Knot - Ties bait onto your hook
Dropper Loop - Puts a perpendicular loop on your line, allowing you to attach a 2nd line or hook to your leader
Super Braid Knot - Ties super braid line onto a hook
Duncan Braid Loop - Attaches a hook or a swivel to your line
Surgeon's Knot - Joins two lines together. Works for both similar and dissimilar sized lines
Egg Loop - Attach bait to your hook
Surgeon's Loop - Puts a loop in the end of your line
End Loop - Quickly and easily put a loop in the end of your line
Uni Knot - Ties the line onto a hook, swivel, or reel
Float Stop Knot - Set the distance between your bobber and your hook
Uni Snell Knot - Ties your line onto the shank of your hook

The Big Daddy of All Skills

You know, knot tying is considered by many of the top fishing pros to be the "Big Daddy of All Skills" when it comes to setting up your gear and landing fish. 


Quite frankly, without this skill you will likely struggle to land trophy fish with any of your casting or trolling efforts.  And I'm guessing you're ready to finally get rid of the struggles, the frustrations, and being the laughing stock of your fishing friends. 


Listen, I've heard far too many sad stories from new and experienced fishermen alike while out on the water or in my classroom. 

On opening day a few years ago I went fly fishing with Walter, who was known in our circle of friends for being extremely budget-conscious. He hastily tied a knot joining his fly line to the backing, attached his leader and waded out into the water.

Man it was good fishing that day, and everyone was catching them left, right and center. Walter hooked onto a big trout and it was a lively fellow, taking a long run for it and drawing out all of his line. Everyone else reeled in to make room for him to play the fish. And just then his knot slipped and that fish just kept on running, taking his fly line with it.

Out $100 for a fly line, and forced to sit on the sidelines while everyone else had one of the best days of fishing that year, Walter now knows the importance of tying knots correctly. He even shelled out the dough for one of my classes because he swore he wouldn't make that mistake again.


When you master this skill you'll quickly break through the barrier and finally enjoy fishing success. I've seen it over and over again and I know you can do it too.


Heed my warning though:  Do not approach this half-heartedly.  There's simply too much at risk when you do.  You owe it to yourself to dive in head first, watch and re-watch, read and read again the lessons being presented here...


And then to put them into action.


Set yourself up for success by following a proven system and doing what the fishing pros do. Get this right and you'll be landing those trophy fish and making your friends green, no question about it. 


The Fishing Knot Tying Process

 Spelled Out for You in Plain English


The Fishing Knots With Pete online course breaks each knot down into three steps for tying the strongest knots. I call these three steps: The 5 W's, Talk & Walk Thru, and Locking It In.


Here's a look at what included with each...


The 5 W's (Who, What, Where, When, & Why)

For each knot included in the online course you'll get a discussion on where the knot is best used to create the optimum connection with the greatest strength. It is included in the introduction to every knot so you can get right to the meat immediately.

Everything is geared towards getting you up and running fast...


Connection Point That Each Knot is Designed For - Some knots can be used for multiple connections or work best at only one connection point. Ensure that you're using each knot at the proper connection points for optimum strength

Line Types - Different knots work well with different line types. Will it work with Monofilament? What about Super Braid? Use the wrong knot on your line and you can almost guarantee disaster...

Line Weight - Now that you've ensured you have the correct line material, discover which knots work best for the different weights of line

Knot Optimization - Customize each knot for optimum line weight-to-strength ratio by following these guidelines

Lubrication - Do you know when to lubricate and when not to? And what to use to get the job done? The 5 W's section gives you the low down.


Talk & Walk Thru

Next you'll receive step-by-step visual and audio instruction on how to tie each knot.


Forget trying to have to figure out complex illustrations, holding a book in one hand and your line in the other while out fishing. I'll walk you through the process in easy-to-understand terms, showing how it should look along the way.

In short, you'll see exactly how it's done.

"On the water is not the time to learn to tie your knots."

Lefty Kreh
Fly Fisherman Editor-at-Large & Author of several fly-fishing books


Just imagine how fast you will master tying knots with my online video instruction, where you can pause, rewaind, and re-watch it as many times as you need until you've got it down pact.


Locking It In

This is where it truly sinks in and becomes your own. After all, a knot is only useful when you can remember it when you need it — on the water.

I've included at the end of each knot lesson a series of animated images that walks you through the knot tying steps again to reflect on the process and help you to memorize it. 

In addition, I've also created a PDF manual with photos of the knots at each step for you to print off and refer to when necessary.

Here's what's included...

Detailed, Printable Manual for Each Knot - This will allow you to take pre-written notes with you, should you want a refresher while out fishing

Downloadable Videos - Keep your knots handy by downloading the video lesson to your computer for quick reference before going on your next fishing trip

Animated Instructions - Watch how each knot is tied without hands blocking your view for ease of duplicating the steps yourself

The entire course is online so you can start right away, rather than having to wait for a physical product to be sent to you.


A Special FREE Bonus When You Act Fast


After receiving hundreds of questions from fishermen struggling to get their knots to hold, one thing is very clear.


Having one-on-one personalized instruction time can make all the difference in the world.  And being able to ask your own burning questions for the knots that you have the most trouble with can accelerate your fishing abilities to new record levels in no time flat.


So here's what I've decided to do...


When you're one of the first 100 to order
Fishing Knots With Pete
you'll get the opportunity to personally ask your
burning fishing knot question in a FREE phone consultation


The answer to your question and a demonstration on the proper method and technique to solve your problem will be video taped and emailed to you for audio and visual reference!

You'll see first hand on the video exactly what you were doing wrong and how to correct it. It's like having me come over to your house to give you a personal one-on-one lesson!


Hang On. . .There Are Two More FREE Bonuses

Rather than having to go through each knot lesson to see when it is an ideal knot for your favorite type of fishing, I've put together a handy Quick Reference Guide to speed up the process of optimizing your connections. 


What I've discovered is some knots work best for bass fishing, others for fly fishing and so on, so to help speed you on your way to getting to what you want to know the most, simply refer to the Quick Reference Guide and check out those knots first.

Stop guessing if you're using the right knot
for each application and simply cross check the
FREE Quick Reference Guide!

I've broken the knots down by line type, application, and connection point — all the critical factors that can affect the strength of your knots — and cross referenced them to help you get out fishing faster.

In addition, I've created a downloadable audio file of every knot lesson in the course so you can store the step-by-step instructions on your iPod and listen to them while you're out on the stream!

Your personal knot tying audio guide allows you to keep your hands free for tying while getting a refresher on the steps required to tie your knots. It would cost an arm and a leg to have a guide come along on each fishing trip to give you reminders on how to tie your knots, and you can take my lessons along every time for free.

OK Pete. . .What Do I need to Pay to Become an Unstoppable Knot Tying Machine?

I'm not going to give you the old hook, line and sinker here. 

When I first decided to put this online course put together I was firm on the fact that it must be affordable to everyone — and I  mean everyone.

Now it could easily be argued that without this skill all other fishing knowledge is useless and so it should cost a premium to get this vital information.  After all, I'm guaranteeing that you'll never lose another fish because your knot slipped.


And because I'm giving 50 years worth of experience and lessons that will dramatically shorten the time it takes to have you fishing like a pro, certainly that is worth big bucks.

Some of my former students were expecting me to charge as much as $199 or more for this priceless know-how.


However, I think of myself first and foremost as an educator... It brings me great joy to help others and see them master this wonderful sport. It was that love for teaching that convinced me to come as close to giving away this course as I could.

Let's Break it Down

Imagine for a moment what it will be like the next time you're out fishing and you no longer have to worry about your knots slipping free while bringing in a big one.

And when you invest in this online course, you're building a strong foundation that will take your other fishing skills to new heights.

Think about  it — one good knot can mean the end of your fishing struggles, frustrations and disappointments.


Now you could try and figure out these knots on your own by trying to follow along those confusing line diagrams while holding a book in one hand and your line in the other. Suffice to say that the frustration and time spent trying to decipher the code could have been time well spent out on the water fishing.

I personally have a lifetime of fishing and thousands of dollars invested in developing this online course for you. It's become my mission.

You could also search out comparable recordings and materials and try to recreate the course this way. You'd be looking at well over $500 and countless hours searching through old fishing shows to get everything included in the Fishing Knots With Pete program.

(More on that in just a sec.)

You could also hire a fishing guide to coach you.  Most charge in the neighborhood of $300 - $500 per day. Some go as high as $1,000 per day and they're every worth every bit.

Remember however, I want everyone to be able to afford this online course and I want this information to be accessible whenever you need it.

With that said, I'm not going to ask you to invest $1,000 or $500 or even $300 for the Fishing Knots With Pete online course. 

Instead, here's the deal...

Purchase Fishing Knots With Pete
for the Special Price of
Just $199 $97 $27!

If we were to send this course in the mail, it would consist of at least 10 DVD's.
However, to Save You Money and give you Instant Access, it's Only Available Online.

Here's a Recap of Exactly What You'll Receive

It's important that you don't take this investment lightly. I want you to catch fish! After all, you have a full year to take it for a dry run so make it count!

And speaking of making it count, here's a look at everything that's included in the Fishing Knots With Pete online course:


Fishing Knots With Pete Phase 1 - The 5 W's : Detailed discussion for each knot outlining the connection point that each knot is designed for, which line types and weights work best, and tricks for knot optimization   (Value $47)

Fishing Knots With Pete Phase 2 - Talk & Walk Thru : Step-by-step visual and audio instruction on how to tie each knot  (Value $197)

Fishing Knots With Pete Phase 3 - Locking It In : Animated instructions, downloadable videos, and a printable manual for each knot  (Value $227)

Fast Acting Bonus #1 for the first 100 who order - Phone consultation and video demonstration to answer your personal knot questions    (Value $300)

Additional Bonus #2 for all who order - Quick Reference Guide to quickly pinpoint which knots you should be using for your specific application  
(Value $97)

Additional Bonus #3 for all who order - MP3 Audio Recordings of all the knot lessons so you can take them with you to the stream  (Value $147)

That's a total of $1,015 in value you're getting
for less than the Price of Gas to get you to the stream!

As Rock Solid as it Gets!

As I was thinking about the kind of guarantee I could offer that would give you absolute confidence in knowing your knots will hold, my daughter Jennifer cast this one at me.

In fact I'll bet it's likely you have never seen a guarantee like this in fishing before!

You see, Jennifer knows that when you follow the steps shown in the Fishing Knots With Pete online course you WILL keep more fish on.  Lots more!

So I agreed with her suggestion and this is what I'm going to do...

Take a full 60 days to watch, listen, read, review and implement 
the Fishing Knots With Pete online course.  If you lose a fish because
your knot slipped anytime during the course of the
next two months
using this system I'll refund your purchase price in full.

All I ask is that you show me that you have tried your best to follow the steps given in the online course.  Is that fair enough?

Here it is in black and white...


Never Lose Another Fish Because Your Knot Slipped
or Your Money Back
60-Day Guarantee

I want you to put this online course to the test!


Download your copy today and take a full two months to review and use the Fishing Knots With Pete online knot tying course.

If you lose a fish because your knot slipped after implementing this system, or if you're not satisfied for any reason... and you can show that you gave it your best shot... I'll give you a courteous and fast 100% refund.

If at any time during the next two months you're not convinced that this is one of the best fishing investments you've ever made... Or you simply don't think this online knot tying course is right for you... I want to give you your money back!

You have nothing to risk and

plenty of fish to gain!

Life Gets Really Good When

You Know How to Tie Fishing Knots!

And Start Tying Knots Like The Pros

There aren't many skills in fishing that can be picked up quickly with such a dramatic effect on your fishing results as tying knots. After you have completed your first successful knot, your fishing trips will never be the same.

I  encourage you to set everything else aside and strengthen your fundamental fishing skills.

Follow the Fishing Knots With Pete instructions and start landing the fish that you hook.  Isn't it about time you held that trophy fish? 


Pete Nalleweg
Out Fishing

Best of All, It's Risk-Free!

Secure Order Form

  Yes Pete! I want to tie strong fishing knots that are optimized for each connection and start landing the fish that I hook!

I want to follow in the footsteps of the Fishing Pros to start tying knots that will not slip or break.

I understand that when I order today at the
special price of just $199 $97 $27, I'll get access to

the complete Fishing Knots With Pete online course that includes -


Fishing Knots With Pete Phase 1 - The 5 W's: Detailed discussion for each knot outlining the connection point that each knot is designed for, which line types and weights work best, and tricks for knot optimization - INCREDIBLE!

Fishing Knots With Pete Phase 2 - Talk & Walk Thru: Step-by-step visual and audio instruction on how to tie each knot - WONDERFUL!

Fishing Knots With Pete Phase 3 - Locking It In: Animated instructions, downloadable videos, and a printable manual for each knot - FABULOUS!

Fast Acting Bonus #1 for the first 100 who order - Phone consultation and video demonstration to answer your personal knot questions - AWESOME!

Additional Bonus #2 for all who order - Quick Reference Guide to quickly pinpoint which knots you should be using for your specific application - WOW!

Additional Bonus #3 for all who order - MP3 Audio Recordings of all the knot lessons so you can take them with you to the stream - GREAT!

I understand that when I am one of the first 100 to order I can claim the fast-acting bonus described above. 

I also understand
that I'll have Instant Access to everything on the web, even when it's 3:00 A.M in the morning and that nothing will be shipped.

The Best Part is. . .


If I am not completely thrilled with the Fishing Knots With Pete online course and feel confident that I too can tie strong fishing knots, I can receive a 100% refund of my purchase price no questions asked.
If I lose a fish because my knot slipped within the first 60 days after purchasing the Fishing Knots With Pete online course, I can receive a 100% refund of my purchase price as long as I show you I gave it my best shot.
If for any reason I am not satisfied with the Fishing Knots With Pete online course I can request and receive a 100% refund of my purchase price no questions asked.


Thanks Pete for making it so Easy!

Course material available Online only.
Nothing will be shipped.

'Carpe Diem' Does Not Mean 'Fish Of The Day'!

There comes a time in every fisherman's life when they're no longer satisfied with their results and they're ready to take their fishing to the next level. Just like setting the hook on a fish, action above all things is required or the opportunity is lost.

Seize the day!


Moreover, I can't honestly say how long my distributor, Pivotal Project Management, will allow me to charge such low prices for such a highly valued product. The video hosting alone costs an arm and a leg, and I'll hold them off from raising prices as long as I can... 

I urge you to register for the Fishing Knots With Pete online course today. Do these me proud and do yourself proud. Get out and land some fish!

Here's to good fishing,

Pete Nalleweg

Grab a copy now and be one of the first 100 who receives a Free phone consultation and a personalized video answering your specific knot questions. Get personal attention and support in tying stronger knots! You'll be very glad you did.  Click here to order Fishing Knots With Pete now!

P.P.S.   Don't forget — I'm taking on all the risk. You can take a full 60 days to review and apply the Fishing Knots With Pete online course!  And if you lose a fish because your knot slipped within the first two months you'll receive a full refund. It doesn't get any better than that! Click here to pick up your copy of Fishing Knots With Pete today!

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